Our goal is to give you high-precision, reliable and long-lasting  products in order to guarantee the highest return in terms of investment.

We specialize in the production of multi-cavity moulds  appropriate for consumer packaged goods such as: medical and laboratory parts, food or packaging containers, caps and closures of different sizes, roller pens, and all those thermoplastic items needing to be manufactured in large amounts and for many years.

Some of our moulds have manufactured hundreds and hundreds of millions of parts and they are still operating after dozens of years they have hardly worked at a very high production rate!

We develop molds for your medical and laboratory parts such as syringes, test tubes, cuvettes, pipette tips, infusion/transfusion parts, cuvettes, dialysis components, petri dishes with maximum precision and reliability. We support you with our expertise and experience at all stages of your product optimization process.

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We develop solutions to all your needs focused on products such as small and medium food boxes, toys containers, vending items, cutlery, coffee stirrers, solubles capsules, caps and closures.

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Over the years we have made hundreds of molds accepting the challenge to developing various products. Here are some examples.

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